Blog posts

Blogs are a brilliant way to informally engage with a customer base, and provide them with an insight into your company to which they might not normally be privy.

Yes, they come in many different shapes and sizes, but the ultimate aim of a blog is to keep the reader interested in what you’re telling them. This provides you, the businessperson, with the unique opportunity to advertise your product or brand without sounding like you’re trying to pitch a sale.

I really cannot emphasise enough how influential a good blog can be in helping small and medium-sized companies rise to the top of their industry, and I’d love to be the person who helps you to achieve that success. My brain always has a million and one ideas bouncing around inside it, and I’m itching to get them down in writing for you.

Drop me an email if you think that a weekly blog is something your company could use and we’ll have a chat about a potential direction we could take.