Does your company publish a newsletter? If not, it may be something worth considering. Newsletters are a great way of letting your customers know about the really important things that your company is doing, including any new products or services that you might now be offering.

One of the most widespread misconceptions about newsletters is that they’re still delivered in hard copy. In fact, the majority of newsletters are now distributed electronically via email, which makes them an extremely cheap way of disseminating key information. More personal than a social media post, they are often the most effective way of enhancing customer loyalty.

I have experience of writing regular newsletters for various groups and organisations. However, I understand that no two clients are the same – each has different customers, and different products. I will tailor my style and format to accommodate your specific needs and requirements.

Just fire an email over to me and we can have a chat – I promise I won’t be pushy or awkward!